Sandy's Homes

Sandy’s family lived in this house in Hastings from 1938-1941. It
was located about 2 blocks from her grandparents, Frank and
Fannie Dennis. Sandy refers to this house in her memoirs as “the
first house I clearly recall”.

The Dennis’ moved to this house in Hastings in 1941. It occupied
the lot adjacent to their previous home, but was smaller and more affordable.

Sandy moved to this house in Kenesaw in 1942. She talks about
it extensively in her memoir in the chapter titled, “The House I
Never Left”.

Yvonne, Jack, Frank, and Sandy Dennis lived this house on the
south side of Hastings in 1944. It was near Grandma and Grandpa
Hopp’s house. During the time they lived there, Jack left to serve
in military duty. Sandy attended school at Abraham Lincoln
Elementary School, which was located several blocks away and
Frank attended Hastings High School.

Sandy’s family left the Hastings area in 1946 and moved to
Lincoln, where Sandy finished high school and two semesters
of college. Her father continued to reside in this house until
he died in 1990.

Sandy’s paternal grandparents, Fannie and Frank Dennis, lived in
this house in Hastings only blocks away from where Sandy spent
much of her early childhood. Fannie died in 1951 at age 73 following
a long illness. Her grandfather, Frank, died unexpectedly in 1953.

Sandy’s maternal grandparents, Fred and Bessie Hopp lived in this
house on the south side of Hastings for many years. Fred died in
1963. Bessie was a well known and colorful member of the community, where she was commonly referred to as “Grandma Hopp” by people
who knew her. Bessie Hopp lived to be 94 years old and was proud
of Sandy’s accomplishments.

Sandy’s house in Connecticut—4435 square feet.
submitted by Ruby Birman

Sandy died March 2, 1992, in Westport, Connecticut. It
was her wish to be cremated. Her remains were placed at
the Lincoln Memorial Park in Lincoln, Nebraska.

2005 Sandy Dennis Foundation