Sandy's Friends

Sandy DennisSandy Dennis
These photos were taken in Hastings in 1954 when Sandy was visiting her
Aunt Adrienne and Uncle George Maul. She maintained a friendship with
childhood friends, Kay Schmidt Anstine and Suzie Parsons Smith, who
occasionally visited her in Lincoln and later attended her shows in Denver
and Kansas City.

submitted by Suzie Parsons Smith

Sandy Dennis
Sandy is pictured at the far left as part of the wedding party for Marlys
(Nelson) Ballard and Jack Ballard in 1956 at the First Methodist Church in
Lincoln. Marlys and Sandy were acquainted through Willard sorority at
Wesleyan University.

submitted by Marlys Ballard


Sandy and Gerry Mulligan
taken during the filming
of The Fox in 1967.

submitted by Ruby Birman

Sandy Dennis

Sandy Dennis

This photo of Elsie Pavelka and Sandy was
taken in Hastings in March of 1974 when
Sandy toured with the University of
Nebraska Orchestra as part of the Willa
Cather Centennial Festival. Sandy narrated
selected poems and passages written by
Cather. Elsie had a particular interest in
Cather history because her husband’s
family was related to the central character
in the Cather novel, My Antonia.

submitted by Elsie Pavelka

Sandy Dennis
This photo of Sandy with Tennessee Williams was taken
when Sandy performed Eccentricities of a Nightingale at
the Long Beach Auditorium in March of 1980. Ruby met
Sandy, Tennessee and his friend after the performance
and they went to a restaurant owned by Carroll O’Connor,
where quite a gathering was waiting for them. It was a
nice evening.

submitted by Ruby Birman

Actor Eric Roberts and Sandy in her Westport,
Connecticut home in the summer of 1982.
taken by Millie Dew, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Sandy with her friend, actress Peggy Cosgrave, eating
mussels on the floor of a motel room when they were on
tour for Supporting Cast in the summer of 1982.
taken by Millie Dew, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Sandy Dennis
This photo was taken in September of 1983. Pictured are Ruby
Birman, Sandy Dennis, Jessica Walter, and Brenda Vaccaro. The
group of friends gathered informally at Brenda’s home in Hollywood
because Sandy was in town. The picture was taken in the garden.

submitted by Ruby Birman

Julie Roberts, Millie Dew, and Lisa Roberts
at dinner with Sandy in her Westport,
Connecticut home in 1984.
taken by Sandy and submitted by Millie Dew, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Sandy with Jeanne McCarthy, Millie Dew, and Geraldine
Page in Dennis, Connecticut. They were performing in
Agnes of God
at the Dennis Playhouse in the summer of
submitted by Millie Dew, Santa Fe, New Mexico

This picture was taken in the winter of 1986 at the backstage
door of the Golden Theatre after my performance in Odd Couple
with Sally Struthers. I played "Olive" and Sally, "Florence." Sandy
loved it. She was my best friend, and I was proud she was there
to see the play. Love, Brenda.
submitted by Brenda Vacarro

Sandy Dennis
Sandy and Len Birman in Len’s Hollywood
Hills home in 1987.

submitted by Ruby Birman

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